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Council has introduced a Season Pass for casual use of equestrian facilities.

The fee is $225.00 per year and can be paid in six month instalments of $112.50.

To purchase the Pass click on the following link:


Pass Information: The Pass-holder is allowed unlimited casual use of available equestrian arenas for handling, riding or driving horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. When using the arenas, Pass holders must be able to present their Booking Invoice/Receipt and another official form of identification to MSEP staff on request. Please ensure you print your booking invoice/receipt and bring it to the venue with you. Passes and associated benefits are non-transferable - you cannot share a pass. Passes are for individuals only - Clubs/organisations are not eligible.

Covered arena closed for works project until 4pm daily Monday to Friday, 8-12 February


Maryborough Active Riders

Covered Arena

13 & 14 February


Gail Mitchell (USA) Clinic

Covered Arena

20 & 21 February


Matt Ryan Eventing Clinic

Covered Arena - 26 February

Horse Trials Course - 27 & 28 February



Please choose the facility from the menu below to check availability: